New Jersey Toll Revenue Should Stay In NJ

Leasing would put billions of dollars of new jersey toll revenue  into the bank accounts of foreign investors. When we need it to stay in New Jersey.

IMMEDIATE INCREASES IN TOLLS. All other states engaging in privatization experienced immediate and costly toll increases.

NJ TOLL AUTHORITIES  ARE SOME OF THE MOST EFFICIENT IN NATION. They pay all of their operating  expenses, major improvement projects, and pay millions to the state. While having some of the lowest toll rates.

The Legislature of NJ has raided millions of dollars from the Transportation and Pension Trust funds. What makes you think a wind fall of Billions of dollars will be different?

A foreign private company will be the watch dog over hundreds of miles of fiber optic lines. The State will lose control over or have to share the fiber lines use for homeland security, & Highway communications that run along the toll roads.

NO COMPETE” Clauses in lease agreements, prohibit state from improving roads near the leased toll road. Other state roads will not be able to be improved if the improvements will take traffic (toll revenue) away from private toll road.

Future Capital Improvements will be competing against foreign Firms Profits. Thus, Expansion projects currently being paid for by the Authority would either not happen or come from the state, adding more tax spending.

Private Toll roads increase Toll Fares .NJ Commuters will pay the Brunt of wasteful spending in the whole state Increased tolls will lead to more local road use. Roads like Rt.1, 9, 35, 18, 295.

Taxpayers will have to rely on Foreign Firm to fund the NJ State Police budget for the police patrolling the leased toll way. Currently paid by the State toll authorities .Which also pays  for some state police classes, keeping the supply of Trained Troopers current, saving the state money

Future generations will  be paying the price for a quick fix . Leases can run 50, 75, or 99 years. No one knows the long term affects. Remember, 99 years ago the Model T car first rolled off the assembly line.

Increase tolls means more trucks and traffic using local roads.

Ice & snow covered roads will be an expense private firm will have to pay out  against their profits Snow removal and road maintenance will eat into foreign firms profit, and as such be compromised.

Roadside trash & potholes ,will be an expense private firm will have to payout against their profits.





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